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The Regional Synod of Albany (RSA) is an assembly and judicatory within the Reformed Church in America. This body, is made up of minister and elder delegates from classes within the Albany Synod, and supported by a small staff (see pictures and contact info below.)

The duties of the Regional Synod, according to the Book of Church Order are to:

1) Exercise a general superintendence over the interests and concerns of the classes within its bounds.
2) Exercise an appellate supervisory power over the acts, proceedings, and decisions of its several classes.
3) Form, combine, and disband classes, and may transfer churches from one classis to another within its bounds.
4) Create whatever organization it desire for the furtherance of the work of the gospel within its bounds, provided such organization does not infringe upon the prerogatives of the several classes or churches. (BCO 1.III.1 pg 59)

Essentially, the RSA works to foster communication between and among classes, offers administrative and pastoral support to classes and churches, and provides accountability to those within the bounds of the Regional Synod for good and proper conduct. The whole RSA meets annually to conduct business together. The executive staff, based in Schenectady, NY, works year-round to listen to the needs of classes, churches, and leaders; and to provide resources (events, publications, programs, grants, mediations, etc.) to meet those needs.

The Regional Synod of Albany: in it together…for good.



Our Albany Synod office is located at 1790 Grand Blvd. Schenectady, NY 12309. Call us at 518.374.4573.

Rev. Abby Norton-Levering

Albany Synod Ministries Coordinator


Cell phone: 518.694.6234

Abby’s responsibilities include building trust, cooperation, and shared ministry among churches and classes within our regional synod, and connecting us to resources, both human and program, from outside of our synod.

Rev. Robert Hoffman

Albany Synod Administrator


Cell phone: 518.496.1844

Bob’s main responsibility is the administration of the Synod’s human, financial, and other resources. He interacts with committees, works to manage budgets and investments, and helps create and maintain interoffice relationships.

Rev. Dr. Janice Lee Fitzgerald

Albany Synod Mediation Coordinator


Janice serves as the leader of the Albany Synod Mediation Team. She is the first person that churches will communicate with when requesting mediation assistance.

Rev. Annie Reilly

Albany Synod Communications Coordinator


Office phone: 518.374.4573

Annie sends out our email newsletter, maintains our Facebook page and website. She makes fliers and drafts emails. Annie is also the one who gathers together stories for the regional section of the RCA Today.

Sandy Narusky

Albany Synod Finance Manager


Office phone: 518.374.4573

Sandy tends to all of the Synod’s financial responsibilities. She handles the day- to- day income and expenses, helps plan budgets, and makes financial reports

Ali Stone

Albany Synod Administrative Assistant


Office phone: 518.374.4573

Ali tends to all of the Synod’s communication and office managing responsibilities. She handles the daily flow of mail, email, schedules, phone calls, and event planning and registrations.

Our region in upstate New York holds 98 Reformed Churches that are geographically clustered into six classes. The classes include: Albany Classis, Columbia-Greene Classis, Schenectady Classis, Schoharie Classis, Montgomery Classis, and Rochester Classis.

You can find the addresses and phone numbers for our listed synod congregations that do not have websites by looking in your Yellow Page under "Churches-Reformed".

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