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Congregational Resources

Administrative Documents

These documents can be downloaded, filled out, and emailed as an attachment to Abby Norton-Levering at nortonlevering[at]gmail[dot]com

  • SMB-Grant-Form-2017 (Online Form HERE)
    • These grants are for new ministry efforts in the areas of Discipleship, Revitalization, and Mission. They are funded by the Synod Ministries Board and granted once per project, with the option to ask again in the following year. Matching funds must be made by the applicant.
  • Ministry Resources Survey
  • RSA Revitalization Grant
    • These grants are for large-scale revitalization efforts. They are funded by the Albany Synod and are dispersed over the course of three years. Matching funds must be made by the applicant.
  • Right of Entry Agreement

Albany Synod Staff Job descriptions

Travel Voucher:

 RSA By Laws:

Revised June 2014 BYLAWS and Special Rules of Order for The Regional Synod of Albany, and the Board of Trustees, Lewis M. Fowler Camp and Retreat Center: RSA ByLaws June 2014

Regional Synod of Albany Committee Forms:

Regional Synod of Albany Meeting Minutes and Documents: