Synod Ministries

The Synod Ministries Board Mission Statement

The overall goal of the Synod Ministries Board of the Regional Synod of Albany is to promote healing and nurture in classes and congregations, so that they may be empowered to live out faithful and fruitful mission in God’s world.

What does the Synod Ministries Board Do?

The SMB oversees the Synod’s efforts to provide for church revitalization, clergy support, leadership development, clergy networking, development of clergy leadership, discipleship resourcing, and resourcing for social witness. We do this by hosting retreats and education events, and approving grants to churches and pastors within the Regional Synod.

Who is the Synod Ministries Board?

SMB is made up of two representitives from each classis, one minister and one elder or lay leader. The Regional Synod staff and Regional Synod President and Vice President also attend the meetings.

How can we submit a grant for SMB consideration?

The Synod Ministries Board offers $500 grants in new ministry efforts in revitalization, discipleship, and mission. Here is the process for submitting a grant request:

1. Have a brilliant, inspired idea.
2. Go to the Regional Synod website (this website) for the grant application. Download and print it. (Listed as “SMB Grant” under “Administration Documents” section AND at the bottom of this post)
3. Fill out the application with as much detail as possible. Bring it to your consistory for approval.
4. Bring the approved application to your classis for approval. Check with your classis clerk as to how your classis processes grants, as this varies.
5. Send your now twice approved grant application to the Regional Synod. You can fill out the online form, scan and email it, or mail it.
6. Your application will go to the Synod Ministry Board Grants Approval task force. They will review your application for completeness and appropriateness. They will either send it back for clarification/correction OR send it on to the whole Synod Ministries Board via email for quick final approval.
7. Once your new ministry happens, send the Synod Ministry Board a brief report of what happened. We love pictures. Your report may be featured in this newsletter, the Facebook page, the website, or RCA Today magazine.
Due Date: Complete, twice approved grant applications are due at the end of the month. Any month.
Final approval notification will be received by the 15th of the following month.
Questions? Email Annie at
  • The paper form to download can be found here, on the RESOURCES page, under “Administrative Documents”.
  • For final submission you can use our on-line application form. Your application will be automatically emailed and you’ll get a copy emailed to you as well. Click HERE for the online form.