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About Us

Rev. Abby Norton-Levering

Synod Ministries Coordinator



Abby's responsibilities include building trust, cooperation, and shared ministry among churches and classes within our regional synod, and connnecting us to resources, both human and program, from outside of our synod. 

Rev. Robert Hoffman

Synod Administrator



Bob's main responsibility is the administration of the synod's human, financial, and other resources. He interacts with committees, works to manage budgets and investments, and helps create and maintain interoffice relationships.

Rev. Dr. Janice Lee Fitzgerald

Mediation Coordinator


Janice serves as the leader of the Albany Synod Mediation Team. She is the first person that churches will communicate with when requesting mediation assistance. 

Rev. Dr. Sherri Meyer-Veen

Churches Learning Change Coordinator


Sherri works to facilitate, coordinate, and plan programs for the synod's Churches Learning Change and Faithwalking initiatives.  

Rev. Annie Reilly

Communications Coordinator


Reilly works to maintain the synod website, newsletter, and Facebook. She is also the administrator of the SMB Grant program.

Ali Stone

Administrative Assistant & Financial Officer



 Ali tends to all of the synod's communication and office managing responsibilities. She handles the daily flow of mail, email, schedules, phone calls, and event planning and registrations. Additionally, Ali is in charge of the bookkeeping and payroll of the Regional Synod of Albany

OB is the official hospitality committee of the Synod Office. He is a very good boy. As of 2018, he is also a certified therapy dog, having completed his training with flying colors. He enjoys laying on the floor, walks, and treats. 

Obadiah (OB) Busman

Office Dog

In this together...for good

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