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Churches Learning Change
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Big Picture: What is it?

"Churches Learning Change" is a corporate transformation journey with similar goals to Faithwalking.  Churches Learning Change uses information that is most likely not new to those who have gone to seminary.


What is new is that it is an intentional journey to put that information into practice with a team from a particular setting, in conjunction with other teams from across the region over a 2.5 - 5 year period of time.  Information does not transform; we believe information, practice and reflection are all a part of living into the ongoing transformation God has for us! 


Come be a part of the journey.  

May 19-21, 2022

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Change is hard and change is everywhere.


We invite you to come away and take a breath, breathe deeply, and re-gather with yourself, your leaders, and your Lord.


Churches Learning Change is just that, a coalition of church leaders learning

together how to navigate being church in a changed and ever changing culture.

This work may be done with frustration and exasperation (i.e. who made this mess? or, I suck, I'm such a mess!) or it can be done more slowly, carefully, intentionally, and with love and compassion.

Picking up the pieces, with courage and love. And, we're not putting the pieces back the way they were before--they've been transformed by their experiences, and now will contribute to something new.

Join us this May 19-21, 2022!

We'd love to see you!
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The Details:

CLC Content Overview

Preparation steps for leaders and teams entering the learning process, the Core Values we seek to live into, and the Skill Sets we strive to master on our journey to living on mission.


Models of CLC Process

What's the structure of this process? What does it cost?  Who is involved? 



This "Frequently Asked Questions" document comes out of real conversations.  Perhaps it can help address your, or some of your congregational, hesitancies, questions, or concerns.


Team Covenant

Ready to sign on?  Please fill out and return this covenenat before May 10.


Purposeful Living Participant Booklet


Purposeful Living Facilitator Guide


Addendum for Purposeful Living

A short guide on what to cover from PL with your CLC team, and some ideas on how to do that.


Guidelines for Leading and Listening Well

Some tips for pastors and first learners to help create and facilitate deeper sharing and broader learning.