Churches Learning Change

Navigating Change in Your Context

We are living in a world that has never existed before.

The world has changed around us.

Our churches have changed.

The systems, structures, programs, and processes that got us here will not get us to where God is calling us to be.

So what do we do now?

2023 Cohort

Join our community for support and accountability as you learn to navigate change in your own context. 

If you're interested in learning more, would like someone to talk with or are interested in signing-up, click the button below!

Sign-up by December 1st

What's Included in the 2023 Cohort?

In-Person Learning Retreats

Two in person retreats, likely in May and October, for up to 7 team members with pastor(s), plus guided learning and practice between retreats.


Retreat site will be determined by location of participating groups.

Up to two Faithwalking Foundations through NY Circle in between retreats for all team members.

Additional cost if sessions are done through Faithwalking Central.

Cost: $1800 per church.

Regional Synod and Classis scholarships may be available.

For QUESTIONS or more INFO contact:

Abby Norton-Levering

518-694-6234 text or voice

Sherri Meyer-Veen

518-231-2151 text or voice

Big Picture: What is it?

"Churches Learning Change" is a corporate transformation journey with similar goals to Faithwalking.  Churches Learning Change uses information that is most likely not new to those who have gone to seminary.


What is new is that it is an intentional journey to put that information into practice with a team from a particular setting, in conjunction with other teams from across the region.  Information does not transform; we believe information, practice and reflection are all a part of living into the ongoing transformation God has for us! 


Come be a part of the journey.  

The Details:

CLC Content Overview

Preparation steps for leaders and teams entering the learning process, the Core Values we seek to live into, and the Skill Sets we strive to master on our journey to living on mission.



This "Frequently Asked Questions" document comes out of real conversations.  Perhaps it can help address your, or some of your congregational, hesitancies, questions, or concerns.


Purposeful Living Participant Booklet


Purposeful Living Facilitator Guide


Addendum for Purposeful Living

A short guide on what to cover from PL with your CLC team, and some ideas on how to do that.


Guidelines for Leading and Listening Well

Some tips for pastors and first learners to help create and facilitate deeper sharing and broader learning.