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New Church Plant in the Classis of Rochester

The Classis of Rochester is starting a new church plant! In the fall of 2021, Rev. Steven Rodriguez moved with his family to Brockport, New York, a small college town about a half hour west of Rochester. They have started making connections in the community and are forming a core group that meets in their home.

The plant seeks to be a Christ-centered church that dwells in God's word, where God's Spirit works in us toward healing and wholeness, where hospitality welcomes friends and those at the margins to the table, and where God's Spirit sends us out for evangelism, charity, justice-seeking and culture-making.

There are a half dozen Reformed churches on the east side of Rochester, but none directly to the west. People in the area are experiencing loneliness, despair, and severe social disruption because of the pandemic, in a political climate that is also tearing apart families and friends. This church plant is emerging at a critical moment to help "rebuild and repair among the ruins." (Isaiah 61)

Please pray for the church plant! If you are interested in signing up for their prayer newsletter to stay updated on the plant, please contact Steven Rodriguez at:

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