Synod Ministries Board

Who we are and What we do

We are a board comprised of two delegates from each of the six classes of the Regional Synod of Albany. Together, we plan and carry out educational events and fellowship opportunities for the Regional Synod. Some of our most recent events have been Safe Church Day, Sacraments Day, and the Mission and Ministry Celebration. We are also proud underwriters for the Pastors and Families Retreat and the new to the area clergy retreat, Beginnings and Beyond.

How to join the SMB

Do you have gifts for leadership? Excited about local ministry in the RCA? Passionate about seeing God's mission taking shape in our midst? Have good ideas for the types of events and engagements that are relevant to ministry in the Regional Synod of Albany? Talk to your pastor or your Classis Clerk about being a representative to the SMB. Each classis needs to send us two delegates, one must be a minister. Elders and lay leaders are encouraged to join us!

How we are funded

The SMB is not funded by assessments. Rather, we are supported by additional donations given by the churches of the Regional Synod. It is because of these funds that we are able to continue hosting events and retreats and give out grants to Regional Synod churches. Watch for our end of the year appeal to find out how you can support our work. 

So about those grants...

The SMB is so blessed to offer grants for new ministry efforts in the areas of Discipleship, Mission, and Revitalization. Grants are for up to $1,000 and applications must come with support from both the local consistory and from the classis. Click the button below to find out more and for the application.