Albany Synod Fellowship Program

Albany Synod Fellows 2019 share about their experience

Check out this video to learn more about the incredible experience of the Albany Synod Fellowship Program from the Fellows Class of 2019.

Why a Fellowship Program?

The Regional Synod of Albany recognized that recent seminary graduates bring particular gifts to ministry, and that many of our congregations are supportive learning environments for new clergy. Early ministry can be tough. Transitioning from seminary to pastoral ministry is a journey that poses challenges and presents opportunities. The Regional Synod of Albany is a great place for a first call, and the Fellowship Program will support both ministry sites and Fellows every step of the way. 


The purpose of the Albany Synod Fellowship Program is to provide an intentional and transitional program of preparation for ministers serving congregations within the Regional Synod of Albany. It will support new ministers as they learn to lead adaptive change and grow into their pastoral vocation, so that they and their congregations might flourish in mutual ministry. It will also support Albany Synod congregations in growing their capacity to be missional, teaching churches.


For the Ministry Sites


Ministry sites are committed for two years. During that time, you will support your Fellow with a team of 4-6 people who will come along side to support and learn with your Fellow. You will pledge to financially support this position, to the best of your ability. 

How the Regional Synod Helps

The Regional Synod will recruit a gifted, creative, highly-committed seminary graduate (a "fellow") to serve with your organization. The Regional Synod will also partner with you financially (if you need) for the salary, benefits, and housing for your fellow. Also, the Regional Synod will provide training in Healthy Communications and Boundaries for your leadership team in order to encourage a mutually fruitful relationship and productive ministry. 

Information Brochure

for Ministry Sites

For the Fellows


Fellows commit to living and working in the Regional Synod for two years. You will have facilitated monthly reflection meetings with the other Fellows and work closely with a support team from your ministry site. During this time, you will attending retreats and trainings as a part of the Fellowship Program. You will also engage in coaching, spiritual direction, or professional mentoring

How the Regional Synod Helps

The Regional Synod will invest in you and your leadership potential by providing support, networking, learning opportunities, and check ins with both you and your ministry site. Ministry may not be easy, but you will never be left on your own to fail.

Information Brochure

for Fellows

Albany Synod Fellows Class of 2021


Rev.  Alisha Riepma  

Fellow serving at Prattsville Reformed and Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Churches. 

Rev. Matt Rogalski 

Fellow serving at the First Church of Bethlehem.