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Synod Ministries Board

Who & What

We are a board comprised of two delegates from each of the six classes of the Regional Synod of Albany.


Together, we plan and carry out educational events and fellowship opportunities for the Regional Synod.

We are also proud underwriters for the Pastors and Families Retreat and the new to the area clergy retreat, Beginnings and Beyond.

Quickly Answered Questions//


The SMB is blessed to offer grants for new ministry efforts in the areas of Discipleship, Mission, and Revitalization. Grants are for up to $1,000 and applications must come with support from both the local consistory and from the classis. Keep scrolling for more information, or click the button below to apply!

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Grant Application

The purpose of the Synod Ministries Board is to provide resources for the healing and nurture of member congregations so that they might live out God's mission in their communities and world.

Grants are available in three areas:
1. Discipleship

2. Mission

3. Revitalization

The following guidelines apply to all grants:

  • The grant requested must be matched by the applicant.

  • Applicants must list all other funding sources of the grant.

  • Applicants receiving a grant will be required to provide an evaluation of the ministry supported by this grant.

  • Grants requiring funding for more than one year will be asked to reapply each year, and will only be considered for two years.

  • Funding is limited. In the event that the Synod Ministry Board Grants Account is exhausted for the year, or nearly so, preferential granting will be given to first time applicants for that calendar year. 

  • Grants for new staff and minister salary support require matching grant money from the classis.

Please review the following grant descriptions areas. If you have any questions, contact the Synod Ministries Coordinator before applying.

1. Discipleship Grants

Discipleship grants help classes and congregations identify, develop, and encourage both layperson and clergy skilled leadership to answer Christ's call to discipleship. A single event or short-term grant up to $1,000 is available for leadership development.

2. Mission Grants

Mission grants are available to help classes and congregations develop new diaconal ministries that reach out to those in need and connect with others outside our church walls. A single event or short-term grant up to $1000 is available to support new diaconal ministries and outreach.

3. Revitalization Grants

Revitalization grants are available to help classes and congregations become healthier and re-imagine and re-vision their mission and ministry. A single event or short-term grant up to $1000 are available to support processes and programs.

The grant approval process has a rolling deadline. Grants submitted before the end of any month can expect a response before the 15th of the next month. 

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