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Rest & Resources Program

Why the R&R Program?

Small membership congregations remain on of Albany Synod's greatest resources. Many are vibrant, authentic communities where people care for one another and their neighbors. They seek to follow Christ as best they can, often in creative ways.

In the R&R program, Albany Synod journeys alongside congregations to discern how best to support, learn from, value, and encourage them.

Are you a part of a small membership church? Albany Synod is here for you. Our synod motto reminds us that we "In this together...for good!" We are companions on this journey together, as we follow Christ into the future.  

Is the R&R Program right your church?

In order to join the R&R Program, your church must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. Less than 20 active members

  2. Less than 20 people in worship on a consistent basis

  3. Under long-term supervision of the classis (meaning: no installed pastor, and no expectation of an installed pastor in the foreseeable future)

  4. Consistory is under supersession of the classis


Components of the R&R Program

  • Assessment relief: No more obligatory yearly assessment from Albany Synod (classis and general synod assessments still apply)

  • Pulpit supply: One sunday a month, Albany Synod will send a minister or preaching elder to lead worship, free of charge.

  • Resources for worship planning--for those Sundays when you can't find worship leader, and it falls on congregational leaders to figure out what to do.

  • Help with difficult conversations: Trained Albany Synod staff and volunteers can provide coaching, mediation, or group-facilitation, if requested.

  • Community building: Get connected to other small-membership churches, for resource-sharing, learning opportunities, creative partnership, and friendship.

  • And more: We in Albany Synod are excited about the possibilities presented by the R&R program, and we want to work with you on discerning what's next.


For more information and to apply, follow the links below:

Application for Churches

Pulpit Supply Provider Form

R&R Brochure (p 1)

R&R Brochure (p 2)

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