Pulpit Supply List

Synod Pulpit Supply rate is $150-$200 per Sunday plus milage

Albany Classis

Eld. Peter Pagerey

Phone: 518-496-8609

Email: ppagerey@nycap.rr.com

Rev. Abby Norton-Levering

Phone: 518-374-4573

Email: nortonlevering@gmail.com

Rev. John Paalberg

Phone: 518-462-6040

Email: jpaarlberg@gmail.com

Eld. Patricia Irwin (Pat)

Phone: 518-312-2249

Email: patriciairwim@gmail.com

Columbia-Greene Classis

Eld. Martha Andrews

Phone: 518-537-5708

Email: macooty@aol.com

Eld. Martha Leggett

Phone: 518-392-2062

Email: rimsleggett@fairpoint.net

Eld. Bonnie Pflegl

Phone: 518-828-6425

Email: bonniepflegl@yahoo.com

Eld. Beth von de Driesch

Phone: 518-784-3213

Email: bdriesch@nycapp.rr.com

Rochester Classis

Eld. Lois Fiegl

Phone: 315-904-4313

Email: lfiegl1@rochester.rr.com

Rev. Chris Fluit

Email: chrisfluit@gmail.com

Eld. Anita Manuele

Phone: 585-385-1157

Email: rochesterstatedclerk@rca.org

Eld. John Stratton

Phone: 585-267-7535

Email: jasite@rit.edu

Rev. Dick Otterness

Phone: 315-960-4489

Email: rhotterness@gmail.com

Schenectady Classis

Rev. David DeVries

Phone: 518-326-8017

Email: Ddevrie1@nycap.rr.com

Rev. Kent Busman

Phone: 518-631-6789

Email: kent.busman@gmail.com

Eld. Kitt Jackson

Phone: 518-439-9771

Email: kitt82@verizon.net

Eld. Miranda Rand

Phone: 518-393-5047

Email: mirandarand411@gmail.com

(Only available in the summer and for Schenectady Classis only) 

Eld. John Moak

Phone: 518-370-3096

Email: jmoak@nycap.rr.com

Eld. Dr. Lou Smith

Phone: 518-452-0024

Email: lousmithmd@gmail.com

Chaplain Eric Nichols

Phone: 616-359-2412

Email: ericleenichols@gmail.com

Schoharie Classis

Eld. Thomas Flander

Phone: 518-853-3088

Email: TFlander@nycap.rr.com

Rev. Charles Hesselink

Phone: 518-843-9443

Email: linkelhess@gmail.com

Rev. Karen Patterson

Phone: 518-684-0321

Email:  karenjpatterson4@gmail.com

Rev. Brian Dykema

Phone: 518-332-0397

Email: dykemabrian@gmail.com

Montgomery Classis

Eld. Stephanie Paradiso

Phone: 518-844-7668

Email: paradisostephanie@yahoo.com

Eld. James Peck

Phone: 518-844-9304

Email: peckfarmsllc@frontier.com

Additions? Removals? Corrections? Let us know!

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