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Old Testament Class with Johan Bosman
What is Faithwalking?

Faithwalking is a spiritual formation process where people are increasingly following the way of Jesus, experiencing ongoing transformation, and developing effective practices for missional living: serving the poor, the marginalized, and those in need; working for the common good; and restoring individuals, social systems, communities, and nations to God’s intended design.

What are the ways YOU can engage with the Faithwalking Process?

Core Four : The Faithwalking Core Four is designed to walk you through a personal transformation journey that includes practices in spiritual formation, inner healing, emotional maturity, and missional living . We believe that our work in personal transformation clears space for us to effectively get on mission with God in the world.

FW Foundations : Foundations are offered in six modules. Each Module includes: 

  • Six Group Sessions: An Introductory Session, Four Sessions of New Content, and a Debrief Session at the end. 

  • Four Coaching Sessions in Dyads or Triads.

  • Homework to be completed by participants in between the coaching sessions. 

All Modules are offered online and last for 10 weeks.

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