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Albany School of Ministry

Updated: Oct 21, 2021


The School of Ministry (SoM) will offer six courses over the span of the next two years, fall 2021 through spring 2023: ● RCA Doctrinal Standards ● Old Testament Introduction and History ● New Testament Introduction and History ● Biblical Exegesis ● Preaching and Sermon Preparation ● Systematic Theology These courses will cover the subjects that the RCA Book of Church Order requires potential preaching elders to study, prior to their commissioning. All SoM classes will all be taught primarily online, making it possible for students from the farthest flung corners of Albany Synod to participate by videoconferencing. There will be eight 3-hour evening sessions per subject. A central gathering may be requested by the instructor on occasion and will be announced prior to registration. The School of Ministry classes will cost $300 due at the time of registration. Students are encouraged to seek scholarship assistance from their local church and classis. Albany Synod School of Ministry Board The School of Ministry is overseen by the Albany Synod Ministries Board: Rev. Matthew J. van Maastricht, Rev. Steven Rodriguez, and Elder Lois Fiegl. Who should sign up for SoM classes? ● those in training to be preaching elders (PE) ● those in training to become Commissioned Pastors (CP) ● Anybody else who is interested in the subjects offered! Church leaders, elders, deacons, Christian educators, pastors etc. Potential PEs and CPs should be aware that their classes may require additional work in these subject areas beyond completing the SoM class. Classes also will conduct their own examinations of PE and CP candidates, to explore their mastery of the subject matter. PE and CP candidates who are under care of their classes must submit a written classis endorsement as they register for SoM classes. Classes will be updated by the School of Ministry administrator of the student’s performance and course completion. A note to potential Commissioned Pastors and their classes: In addition to the six courses listed above, CPs must also be examined in church history, the constitution (including polity, sacraments and liturgy), practices of ministry and pastoral ethics. If classes and candidates express sufficient interest and need for courses in these subjects, the SoM board will undertake to provide them. Interested in more information? contact: Sandy Cornwell School of Ministry Administrator

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